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All About Us

My story goes back 25 years and is quite detailed, but nobody wants to hear about the trials and tribulations of creating the perfect wedding cake.  All I will say is that my skills have been tested through the years, and I have many people to thank for what I am capable of today.  As you will notice, a lot of my pictures mention "Edibles Incredible Desserts", who were gracious enough to have me on their team for some time after I arrived in the NOVA area.  There, I was given the opportunity to create beautiful cakes and hone my creativity.  Now, several years later, I hope to bring continued happiness to others by creating unique and original desserts that represent even the most special of occasions.  
The products you order from me will be made fresh,  from my home to yours. 
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My name is Tiffany Woods

I have been in the food industry my entire career and have been baking and decorating since I was a kid. The best part of what I do is seeing the customers reaction to their final product. I love turning what someone imagines into a reality. My products may look amazing but they taste even better!

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